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My Best Fwiends

This was my main nigga. I've known him since I was a little girl and met him in 2006 on a little vidya game. Ever since we've shown the entire world how to make love in all the right ways.

This was once upon a time the luv of my life, I've known her since 2009 and we've been best friends forever. This person has helped me in many ways, and is responsible for shaping me into the kind of man I am today. She's truly a treat and a personal favorite of mine.♥

I've known him for not that long, only since early 2013, but in a short amount of time he has proven to be one of the most trustworthy friends I have. He's always generous, and kind, never mad, and never depressed. He's the type of person I can look up to. He's encouraging, and has shown me the best parts of payday 2. And that's just opening an account and letting my money build off of interest instead of robbing the place.

Although we don't talk anymore I consider her to be one of my many great friends because of how much fun she was to be around. She knows how to make people laugh, her art style is down-right beautiful and I hope that one day we can be re-united like the big happy family we used to be. Thank you~♥

Another one of my verrrry close friends, I've technically known her since 2008 and she's been quite the inspiration and hanful of help to me. If it wasn't for her and spyxeddemon I'd still be a nobody on the internet. Their promotion and encouragement and their friendship and their own friends have all benefitted me in a way that has grown my popularity, even if it is a small extent, she's the reason I have such great confidence. Sometimes she's guilty of certain no-no's, but I would never ground her.

He used to let me cuddle into his fat flappy tits and eat the grilled cheese and bread crumbs he'd occasionally leave for me. Those were the good days.

I've known this woman for about four years now, she's one of the most precious human beings to me because not only does she have a large amount of #superswag but she also is a kind individual and she was really fun to talk to. She's long since abandoned me because I don't wear enough perfume, but one day. I will.


Jan 31, 2015
7:48 pm
Jan 31, 2015
3:23 am
Jan 29, 2015
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Jan 29, 2015
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Jan 29, 2015
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Enter this contest. you want the prize money.
Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:29 AM

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3 deviants said It could even be you!

Doctor Shadowprints Ph.D

Dr. Shadowprints Ph.D is not only a true gentleman, and a true scholar, but he is also a very attractive one at that!

His full name is Shadow Prints, usually likes to be refered to as Prints or if you want to be cute about it, Printsy. He likes to be called by his last name because "Shadow" makes him sound like some kind of emo loser.

Prints is a Canadian Marble Fox, the idea of the species came mainly from my friend SpyxedDemon when she showed me a picture of one laying in the grass. (Someone later pointed out that picture of the fox was surrounded by shit drops.

That individual has helped me create the character and is the main reason I'm oh so active on art websites. So thank you.

Prints has no backstory, Prints also has no loved ones. Prints spends most of his days in the comfort of his cozy little hut buried under the cold canadian ground where he lives a sheltered life away from the dangers of society, and the embarrassment of humanity.

Prints likes to consider himself an educated little fox. He loves the learnings of politics, history, and entertainment, he also has a big interest for empires. His favorite empire is the British empire, and the Roman Empire. Fuck Mongols. He considers himself a libertarian and a socialist, believing that all people have the freedom and right to live a comfortable life with a high standard of living. No matter their income.

Prints himself lacks many emotions. Prints isn't one to give out sympathy like candy, he isn't one to help others in situations if he doesn't know them on a deep, personal level. Prints doesn't have a sad personality, or a depressing life. He's rather confident in himself and enjoys to live the way he likes to live, even if people disagree with it. Prints can be a bit of an asshole, but for that we can all cherish him in our memories, whether it's to hate him, or love him the way he would love many.

Prints is a bit of a romantic personality and prides himself on the way he can treat others who are his friends. He cares deeply about people, and has a massive sense of loyalty to his friends. Give it a try. Go on, He doesn't bite. His teeth are fake.
Angry fox by DrPrintsy


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happy birthday dearest bitch (even though this might not be ur actual birthday).
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it was dec 25th
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